About US

Richie Jaynes

Founder/ CEO

Richie Jaynes founded Live Well RX with you in mind. He wanted living your best life now to be simple, easy and affordable. In todays world of advanced medications with medical weight loss, hormone therapy and sexual health. Navigating these waters can be confusing and difficult. At Living Well RX we wanted to take that guess work out of the equation. Not only can it be difficult and confusing. It can also be costly. We believe that does not have to be the case. We wanted to make these therapies are affordable for everyone.

As a lifetime serial entrepreneur. Richie has always been on the look out for new and advancing ways to help people achieve their best life. Richie believes if you look great. You feel great and if you feel great. You live great. That is why he has always been involved with businesses that helps people achieve to be at their physical best. His passion is to help people.

Richie resides in Austin Texas with his wife of 31 years and his family of two daughters, son in law and two granddaughters. His life is a history of success, from being a best selling author to being featured in Forbes. His journey in business has been wide and far. Ranging from owning fitness centers to running a successful real estate company to owning and running an oil and gas business to helping grow a nutritional supplement company to just shy of a billion dollars. His goal and purpose now is to help as many people as possible with giving them access to the worlds best prescription products that help people live their best life.

" I want to thank you for putting your trust in us. That means the world to us. We take that very seriously and we want to make sure your experience is everything you expected it to be. We are here to help you."

Richie Jaynes